Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello World

Hi and welcome to my Blog.  My name is Neil Glick and I'm a Virtualization Architect for NetApp.  I focus primarily on storage and Citrix technologies, but from time to time I'll throw in some other things.  I hope you enjoy!

I just got back from Citrix Synergy in Barcelona.  Here's a picture of me and our Flexpod.  Don't we look great together?  The event was great, but I got a cold.

While there I taught a course with Citrix and Cisco with my mentor Rachel Zhu.  Our portion of the class focused on Virtual Storage Console for XenServer, NetApp System Manager and OnCommand Insight Balance.

VSC for XenServer is a free **(Edit 02/07/2013 - Regarding VSC for both VMware and XenServer - They are free to download, but do require specific licenses for some features.)**  XenServer plugin created by NetApp to enable provisioning of storage, creation of virtual machines and much more from within XenServer!  please see this link for more information:
VSC for XenServer

OnCommand Insight Balance is an awesome reporting application from NetApp that can help zero in on your virtualization environment and find problems before they become problems!  Here's a YouTube video I did with Mike Laverick.

That's all for now!

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