Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Citrix Synergy - Just Days Away!

Hi Friends,

Yep, Citrix Synergy is just days away!  Remember I'll be in the Nimble booth all day Tuesday, so here's your chance to not only meet The Brain, but ask The Brain questions about Citrix, VMware, VDI, Life the Universe and Everything!  Please come keep me company I'm going to be there ALL day!  Maybe we'll even have cool SWAG to give away this year, but I don't know. :-)

Well if you show up and tell me you saw my pleads for company on my blog I'll take a commemorative photo with you and post it up on Glick's Gray Matter!  How can you say no?!  I'll be around on Wednesday, but I'll be meandering around trying to take sessions.  If you'd like to chat just let someone at the booth know and they can reach me.

Should be a good show, I've never been to a Synergy in Anaheim, only in San Francisco, so not sure what to expect.  Should be fun!  See you there.