Wednesday, May 27, 2015

File Sharing with Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) and Nimble Storage

Hi Friends,

Are you looking to set up a file sharing server on Microsoft Windows 2012R2?  Want to see how Nimble Storage can make it fly like a rocket ship and protect your data like a super hero?

You do?!  I knew I liked you!

Well look no further friends, Dr. Brain has you covered.  My mild mannered alternate identity, Neil, created a new paper to show you how to set up your file share, how to protect it and AND... test it with Vdbench for performance!

Head on over to the Nimble Storage website and grab your copy today!

This calls for some happy pictures!

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Brain & Wendel #26: Meet Nimble's Microsoft Team

Hi Friends,

You know what's better than a 3 day weekend?  A NEW episode of Brain & Wendel!!  That's right friends, this week I talk to our Microsoft development team and find out about all the cool stuff that Nimble Storage has released and even some cool stuff on it's way.  You don't want to miss this episode!

For iTunes users: [Link]
For everyone else: [mp3]

Friday, May 15, 2015

Back from Citrix Synergy 2015

Hi Friends,

I'm back from Citrix Synergy 2015.  It was a fun show, got to see lots of friends and took a bunch of photos I'd like to share.

The plane flight over was pretty cool, the guy sitting next to me brought his dog along to Florida and she was very well behaved!

When I got to the convention center they had a really cool Synergy sign with these balls suspended from the ceiling that changed colors and stuff.  The balls didn't really turn out well, but they were cool.

I got to see my sister Rachel! (Notice the family resemblance!)

Pim from Login VSI dropped by to give us our Validated by Login VSI sign!  Here it is hanging in the Nimble Storage booth.  You can see one of my demo's running.  I'll be posting them up on YouTube soon.  Not to pat myself on the back...  (Okay I'm patting myself on the back) I think they were pretty good!

Here's Roger and I and I'm holding the sign.  Pim took this shot and posted it on Twitter.

And here's me and Pim being goofy.

I also got to see my friends Rob and Sachin!

After the show floor was closed one day I was out walking around and saw this.  It was pretty cool, they had sky bridges going from the hotels to the convention center.

Here's a picture of our booth.  We had two demo stations and were showcasing our SmartStack pre-validated reference architectures.

Here's a picture of the Nimble Storage booth staff.  Sorry I missed you Adam!  He was setting one of the demo stations up when I took this photo.

They had a Tesla there!!  What a cool car!

As the days went on, my mind quickly deteriorated.  What I needed was something to make me smart!

And as the show began to come to an end I was brain fried and here's the result...

It was a fun show, got to see some cool technology and friends.  I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Until Next Time

Friday, May 1, 2015

Citrix PVS Configuration Error - Invalid Server - Error: 26

Hi Friends,

I'm a ding dong, but a consistent ding dong!  I'm setting up the new version of Citrix PVS and I'm running the Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard and I get to the part where I need to connect to my SQL database.

It asks for the Server name and Instance name.  Hmmm, well, server is the SQL server...  And Instance must be ummm, well, urrrrr, the name of the database!!!


Ah crap...  How many times have I set up PVS?!

So I'm checking to make sure named pipes is enabled, the database user has appropriate privileges, I set up an ODBC connection, check DNS, IP addresses...  Same error...

But wait...  This seems oddly familiar all of a sudden...

Stupid Neil, you've done this before!!!

The Instance isn't the database name, you nitwit!

It's okay, it's okay, just remove the Instance name and..........................................


So may this be a lesson friends.  Write things down so when you forget how you set up an application for the gazillion time you can refer back to your notes!  :-)

Until Next Time