Thursday, March 27, 2014

VMware View Error - No Network Communication Between The View Agent and Connection Server

Hi Friends,

I'm doing some VDI testing with VMware View and I had to delete about 200 of my desktops.  I'm using an automated pool so the desktops started to re-spawn which is what I wanted, but instead of the nice "Connected" or "Available" status I enjoy seeing I saw, "Error"!!!

No, No, NOOOOOO!!!!  You were just working a minute ago, what do you mean Error!?

Here's the error message.

Hmmm, no network communication between the View Agent and the Connection Server.  That sounds bad....  Now only some of the new desktops were getting this error message.  I checked Google for the error message and nothing obvious jumped out at me.  I checked Virtual Center and noticed something interesting.  The desktops with the error didn't get IP addresses.  Hmmm, now maybe we're getting somewhere.

I had a sneaking suspicion I was out of DHCP addresses and it had nothing to do with VMware View at all!

Ah Ha!!  The culprit has been revealed!  A quick addition of of some more DHCP addresses and I'm off and running.

So if you get a similar error, sometimes it's not the application and instead it's the infrastructure.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Having Performance Issues? Brain & Wendel Can Help!

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Are you having performance issues, or just have questions regarding performance?  Are you embarrassed to admit you have performance issues and have no one to talk to about them?  Look no further, Brain & Wendel are here to help!  Yep, that's right, IOPs, throughput, sequential vs. random, read vs. writes, what does it all mean?!  And how the heck do you size your environment?!  You've got questions, and we've got answers!  Tune in to the next LIVE Brain & Wendel Show to get a crash course in monitoring, measuring and storage sizing!  How do you register you ask?  Simple, head over to and when you see this splash page click on the More Info/Register button, or just click on the link above.  The show is on Thursday, March 27, so time is ticking away.    Why not click on that link today?  You know you'll just forget later and than kick yourself for not tuning in!

Brain & Wendel, helping to answer those difficult questions in life.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Brain & Wendel Are Back! Episode 14: Enhanced Performance Analytics in InfoSight

Hi Friends,

Just when you thought InfoSight couldn't get any better!  This week we discuss the cool new enhanced performance analytics in InfoSight!  Special thanks to our guests, Rochna Dhand and Matt Miller!

Brain & Wendel

Brain & Wendel