Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brain and Wendel are on The Air!

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share some exciting news!  The first episode of the Brain and Wendel show is now available as an Apple Podcast!  In this first episode we discuss storage basics like RAID, why enterprise storage, cache and a bit of virtualization.  You can download the Podcast by going to the Apple Podcast app and searching for Nimble Storage.  5 star reviews are VERY much appreciated!  Wen and I hope you enjoy it!  Be on the lookout for episode two, where we dive head first into cache, flash and SSD's.

Until Next Time

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Night Before VMworld

Hi All,

Another Friday, another treat!  With VMworld right around the corner, I thought I'd write a poem for all the hard working folks that make these shows great!


Twas the night before VMworld and all through Nimble Storage,
Not a TME was freaking, only positive words to encourage.
The hardware was stacked in a rack with care,
In the hopes to impress attendees that showed up there.

Attendees had read all the blogs, Twitter feeds and all sorts of threads,
Now visions of free swag occupied their heads.
The hotels all booked accept the ones that are crap,
where the heck am I?  I better get a map!

Brochures neatly stacked to avoid any clutter,
Hopefully they take all this stuff, thinking of carrying it again makes me shutter.
Demos and presentations all skillfully recorded,
What do you mean the resolution of the demo isn't supported?

The booth looks great, it's got people talking,
People stop to take a look before they start walking.
Thank goodness for comfortable shoes this is going to be painful.
So I'm wearing black tennis shoes, how shameful!

The doors are open, the rush begins,
Feet don't fail me now, hold out limbs!
Where's the schedule, where am I supposed to be?
My back is sore, my feet hurt, please set me free!

My throat is sore, my voice raspy.
Shirt is un-tucked my hair's a mess, I look ghastly!
It's been hours since this things started, I'm beat.
Can you believe it, even I forgot to eat!

It's the last day and I try to stay composed.
Hearing those magical words, "The Show Floor is now closed!"
Another year, another great show!
Congratulations to all, may your profits grow!

SNAFU 2 - XenDesktop on Hyper-V - SCVMM and XenDesktop Torment


Okay, so I finished installing the SCVMM Console, reboot like it tells me to so everything should be good now right?  RIGHT?!


Well, the good thing is I got past that window from yesterday, but then I get to a new window.

Okay, no problem, everything here makes sense right?  Click Next and...

WHAT?!  The SCVMM address was not formatted correctly?  What the heck does that mean?

The address is just fine, it resolves just fine, it's the fully qualified domain name, it pings.  So I try a few things.  I use the IP, no good, I use the short name, no good, check firewall settings, they're fine.  I search Google and nothing!

So what the heck do you want from me XenDesktop?!

For giggles I try putting my domain in front of my administrator account.  And....

It worked!  Wait...  Why the heck did it work when the error message mentioned a badly formatted address for SCVMM?

Hey, who am I to question positive results?!


Off to install PVS!

Until Next Time

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SNAFU 1 - XenDesktop 7 on Hyper-V - SCVMM

Hi Friends,

Well, I hit my first SNAFU with my XenDesktop 7 on Hyper-V 2012 project.  The install went great as you can see.

I began to create my site, and no problems, but then I got to the Hypervisor connection.
You can see here I selected Hyper-V, put in my IP, username and password and all is good right?

WRONG!  Apparently I need to install SCVMM on my XenDesktop Delivery Controller.  Ugh....

So just an FYI, before you create your connection, install SCVMM console.  Well, off to install the console!

Until Next Time!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stranger in a Strange Land - XenDesktop on Hyper-V

Hi Friends,

I'm embarking on a new journey, installing XenDesktop on Hyper-V.  If you've been reading my blogs you've noticed when it comes to the hypervisor I'm pretty much a VMware guy with sprinkles of XenServer.  I'm now in uncharted waters as I sail into the Hyper-V ocean.  Like it or not, you're coming with me!!  :-)

I'm using Hyper-V on Windows 2012.  The first thing I noticed is there's NO start button!!  How am I supposed to stop the server when there's no start button?  And where's the start menu?  If you cruise the mouse over to the lower right hand corner a little menu will pop up that will give you start menu type of stuff and if you click on the gear you can power off the machine.

I've got two Hyper-V machines clustered together and I'm using Microsoft's SCVMM to administer them.  It's kinda like vCenter, kinda.

Take a look at the image.  At the top you can see my two hosts.  If you click on VMs and Services you'll get to see all the VMs currently in your environment.  The Library is interesting.  You put your ISO's in there and then can mount them up on the virtual DVD drives.

Let's take a closer look at my SQL Server machine that I've just created.  If we check out the properties on the machine you'll see there's lots of helpful stuff including where the virtual machine's parent I cloned it from lives on your storage.

My SQL Server installation just finished and everything succeeded, so I'm pretty happy!

So as I continue exploring XenDesktop on Hyper-V you'll get front row seats!  Off to install XenDesktop!

Until Next Time!

Friday, July 19, 2013

An Ode to InfoSight

Hi Friends,

For Friday I have a special treat for you.

I give you An Ode to InfoSight.

<harp playing>

InfoSight oh InfoSight an informational site you are,
just a click away, not very far.

With information and tabs a'plenty,
all that information, how do you keep track of so many?!

The Assets tab tells me where my arrays live,
plus support agreement shows me what support Nimble will give.

Wellness; we all know about that,
it shows us what condition our arrays are at!

Capacity shows us our space history and forcast,
with such great information, we'll know how long our space will last!

Volumes, so much information about compression, space used it's mind blowing,
it will help you keep track of data that just keeps growing.

Performance you show us recommended cache and CPU size,
with charts like these, how could there be lies?!

Data Protection the area many companies are caught in a nap,
with information on coverage and planning you make something difficult, a snap!

And dashboard, I didn't forget about you!
When the boss comes knocking for information, you might even get that pay raise, long overdo!

</harp playing>

I hope you enjoyed my Ode to InfoSight,

Have a great weekend!

The Brain & Wendel Show! Coming Soon!

Coming soon to a Podcast near you!!

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Get a Cool NimbleConnect Shirt!

Hi There Friends,

I was on NimbleConnect today and saw that you can win a T-Shirt simply by posting 2 or more pieces of useful content!  Useful content is anything that a Nimble Storage employee has Liked.  Check out NimbleConnect for all the rules and stuff.

I don't know about you, but I want one of these shirts!!

Have a good weekend!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Brain & Wendel Show!

Hi Friends,

I have exciting news!  Glick's Gray Matter is teaming up with Super Sonic Dog!  Coming to you from a small conference room in San Jose....

Everything you wanted to know about Storage, Virtualization and Technology, but were afraid to ask!

Be on the lookout for our Podcast in July.  Details to follow.

Thanks to South Park Studios, for without their avatar builder there would be no cool avatars of Brain and Wendel!

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Cisco UCS 101 - Part II - UUID Suffix Pools

Hi Friends,

Here's an interesting one I ran into and couldn't find much out on the web about, so I hope it helps you out!  Last time I talked to you about creating policies and associating them physical hardware.  Well, I was doing that one time and my policy wouldn't associate!  It kept trying and trying, but no luck.  In the logs I saw an error that said something like this:  "There are not enough resources overall
UUID address assignment failed, possibly illegal UUID or no available UUID in the pool"


So I talked to my boss and he told me that when you create a policy it is assigned a UUID Suffix, basically a unique identifier, and those suffixes can run out. (Thanks Mike!)

Today I'm going to show you where these suffixes are, see how many are used, and how to add more.

Let's go to our UCS Manager and click on the Servers tab.  Once there find the Pools tree.  From there you'll see a default "Pool default" or you might have other trees if they've been created.  I'm going to work on the default pool.

Right click on the Pool default and select Show Navigator.  You should see something like this:

As you can see I have a total of 32 UUID suffixes and I have 31 assigned.  That means I can assign one more policy to a blade, but after that I'm going to start getting error messages.  Let's add some more UUID suffixes so we won't get any errors.

While you have that Show Navigator screen open, click on the UUID Blocks tab.  You can see I currently have two ranges.  I'm going to add another.  Click on the "+" sign.

I'm going to create 16 more UUID suffixes, but follow whatever plan your company has decided on.

I now have another block of 16 UUID suffixes I can create and assign to blades.  Let's check out the General tab again to make sure everything looks good.

As you can see the size has now gone from 32 to 48, so I should be good for awhile.

Pretty cool huh?  Have a good week!

Until Next Time!