Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Look Into The Future!


A bit of a change, I normally take a look at existing stuff, but I thought I would blab about a very near future that I see.  A number of years ago a buddy of mine bought an HP OmniGo.  Yep, I'm dating myself, 1995!  I thought it was super cool, it had a touch a screen and everything!  The important thing is he said to me, "Neil, one day I want my organizer to be my phone and my camera."  Back than I just couldn't get my head around that.  Phones, cameras and organizers/PDA's were all separate devices and yes there was a time I carried all three.  :-)  To me when my phone got it's first camera, it was a play thing, something to take simple pictures.  My point and shoot or SLR were still necessities.

All of a sudden my wife's iPhone 4S takes better pictures than my point and shoot!  People start asking her what brand of camera she's using for her awesome pictures!  Granted, she's a great photographer, but I felt we'd crossed a threshold.  Camera's on phones were no longer toys, just like when digital camera's started taking seriously good photos.  I had a photography professor who brought a digital camera image into class.  It was about 1990.  The image had huge pixels and hardly looked like him, but he told us that some day digital would take over.

When I started working on this VDI stuff I had an epiphany, I wanted my phone to be my computer!  I know there are apps that can run your desktop through your phone, but that's not what I want.  I want my computer to be my phone, camera, PDA, everything!  In '95 I couldn't fathom my friends OmniGo would morph into a device that could make phone AND video calls, text messages, play video games, take great pictures, why can't it also be my computer?  Now granted, I'd want a docking station that would allow me to use a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. and with VDI technologies I would be able to check out my work image on my phone, check it back in at the end of the day or check it out if I'm traveling.

I've heard there are some phones that can do this, but I'm waiting for that threshold line to be crossed.  Where you say, "WOW, what just happened?!"  And I don't think it's too far away. :-)

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