Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Are My Aggregates in VSC for Clustered ONTAP?

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So you've setup your Vserver, you've done your discovery in vCenter with VSC and added your Clustered ONTAP system, but when you try to provision a datastore your aggregates are no where to be found?!  Yep, another one I ran into that I hope I can spare you some of my frustration. :-)
 Here we can see the clustered ONTAP management console for our cluster has been added to VSC.

 But when we try to provision storage, no aggregates show up?

The reason is actually by design.  Remember, everything now happens at the Vserver level, I can do all kinds of cool stuff including migrating a volume from one aggregate to another, as long as that aggregate has been added to the Vserver.  So here's what we've missed.  After we created the Vserver, we forgot to assign aggregates to this Vserver!

Take a look at the available aggregates.  You'll see we have agg0 and aggr1.  Just like in 7-Mode, we don't want to mess with aggr0 since that's where the OS lives.  So lets add all of the aggr1 aggregates from all of the nodes to our Vserver so we can start provisioning storage!

Remember the cool thing about clustered ONTAP is you can migrate volumes and this is one of the building blocks.

Let's go back to VSC and create that datastore!

This time we can see the aggregates, so we're in business and if/when we need to migrate to a volume on another aggregate, the Vserver is aware of them.

Something easy to overlook, but easy to fix!  I hope this was helpful.

Until Next Time!

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