Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brain & Wendel - So Much Fun You'll Forget It's Educational!

Hi Friends,

I was out on Holiday, but I'm back!  I have great news, two more Brain & Wendel shows have been posted to iTunes.  You can get them here:


If you don't have an Apple product, never fear, you can download the MP3 here:

In Episode 5 we talk about VMworld, past, present and future.  Iron Tom is our special guest who is an Oracle and Linux guru and was at VMworld for the first time this year.  It's great to get his perspective on the show!  We also discus the software defined datacenter.  What does it mean and what does it mean to you?

In Episode 6 we talk about Big Data.  Larry Lancaster is our special guest, the Chief Data Scientist at Nimble Storage who enlightens us regarding Big Data and products like Hadoop and Vertica.  Big Data is becoming big news, so be sure to check this episode out to learn what all the

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