Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nimble Scale-Out - The Curtain is Drawn - Part III - Let's Talk About Pools?

Hi Friends,

Today I'm going to continue my Nimble Scale-Out introduction and talk to you today about pools.

Nope, not this kind of pool Mom.  My Mother loves pools and keeps telling me I need one.  Well Nimble Pools aren't concrete bowls with tile and plaster, and they require a whole lot less chlorine!

Over the last few days I talked about what groups are and joining groups.  So back to my example, if the group is the gated community with all of the amenities, then pools are the social activities all the residents are part of.  You just moved into the Las Casas Caras gated community and your next door neighbor Chip finds out you're a golfer!  The two of you hop into his hybrid and go play 18 holes!

What the heck does any of this have to do with Scale-Out?!  It will all become clear momentarily...  Chad's your other neighbor, he's a nice guy but doesn't like golf.  So let's examine the scenario I've painted below.  Chad is on the left.  He's not part of the golf club, so he's in Pool 1.  Notice the bubble over his head?  Since he's not part of the club he's not sharing his thoughts and ideas with anyone.  Now take a look at Pool 2.  There's you and Chip and you're giving each other a high 5 because you just got an eagle on the 14th hole that was rated a par 7.  Not bad!!  Notice the bubble above your and Chip's head?  Well you two are sharing information about the course, your jobs, how Brad's dog keeps pooping all over the neighborhood, etc.  This is now shared information between the two of you.

In a nut shell, that's Pools!  Instead of Chad, Chip and you, there are arrays and the conversations are volumes that data stripes and balances to each array in the pool.

Say you and Chip have a falling out about hybrid vs. all electric vehicles and you no longer want to go golfing with him.  You can leave the pool, but you'll have to transfer all the information you know about golfing, and Brad's pooping dog over to Chip before you can leave.  Make sure Chip's brain can hold that extra amount of data cause if it doesn't, you can't leave!  Once you leave there will be 3 pools unless you decide to join Chad in the fishing club.  Similar to groups, you can have a maximum of 4 pools.

I'll probably write another blog with screen shots from the GUI later.

Until Next Time!

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