Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Validation Program for Storage Partners

Hi Friends,

I've got some exciting news!  Well, it's exciting for me, but I'm a nerd, so take the news for what it's worth....  Citrix has launched their Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Validation Program for Storage Partners!  Big deal...  Yes, it is a big deal, you know why?  Storage vendors were invited to plug their storage into an existing Citrix built VDI architecture.  The test is a simulation of a day in the life of 750 VDI users running on a Citrix PVS connection broker.  And we didn't get off easy.  Each vendor was issued a pass or fail depending on whether or not the storage could successfully handle the demands placed on it without reaching a latency limit called the "VSI Max".  To learn more about Login VSI please visit their website.  Good news, we passed!  :-)

12 storage vendors participated and Nimble Storage was one of those 12!  Each vendor carved off storage for Citrix to use and Login VSI was used to simulate a 750 user load.  You as the customer get all of the benefit, you know why?  You get to see how each of us performed AND what the approximate dollar per desktop price is!  Our price for a Nimble CS220G-X4 was $64 per desktop, but you have to remember your mileage will vary depending on how many user desktops you plan to virtualize and how much horse power you need from your storage.  To see the other models we offer, please visit this Nimble Storage page.

I invite you to not only look at our paper, written by *ME* and Mike McLaughlin, but to take a look at all the papers.  I always encourage folks to do their homework, and ask questions!  If after reading the documents, you'd like to see how the incredible 3U Nimble box works, don't hessitate to email or call us, we'd enjoy showing you why you'll love Nimble! or call 1-877-364-6253 


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