Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Brain is a Mega-Dork! Please Forgive Him!! Podcast-o-Rama!

Hi Friends,

I'm a Mega-Dork!  In my excitement over new Brain and Wendel episodes I managed to mangle the podcast numbering....  But hey, that's why pencils have erasers!  :-)

The other day I announced Episode 21 - What's New at Nimble Storage.  Well, that's kind of the same episode as Episode 18 - CS700 / All Flash Shelf.  I told you, I'm a Mega-Dork.

So, problem corrected!  If you'd like to hear about the CS700 and the All Flash Shelf, please listen to Episode 18.

To make it up to everyone, we've posted a NEW Episode 21!  This time the correct Episode 21.

In Episode 21, Wendel and I do a deep dive into Nimble Storage OS 2.1.  Find out about all the cool new features like volume move, networking, RBAC and much much more!  Enjoy our AWESOME new theme song by Level of Exit!  Huge thanks to Level of Exit!!

If you've been to our iTunes podcast site lately you've probably noticed most of the past episodes are missing unless you subscribe.  I'm working on it and hopefully they'll all return sometime very soon! (hopefully tomorrow!!)

As a bonus treat I added a bloopers section to the end of Episode 21.  Hear me screw up what RBAC stands for, over and over and over again!  :-)

Until Next Time!

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