Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey, What Happened to Brain and Wendel?!?!

Hi Friends,

Brain here!  You might have noticed some changes to the Brain and Wendel site.  I'm very sad to inform everyone that that my friend Wen Yu will no longer be on the podcast.

Yeah, I know, I'll miss him too!  I wish him the very best and I know he'll do great at whatever he does!!

Without Wen, there is no Brain and Wendel so I've changed the name of the show to BrainWavez.

I'm very excited to announce that Sean Roth has joined the show!  Sean is a veteran of the show and he's already started helping co-host.
Never fear, the great content will continue to flow and hopefully some other cool stuff!

Be on the lookout for:
The new BrainWavez theme song - Special thanks to Level of Exit!
Wheel of SWAG! (Where guests get to spin for prizes!)
And now a word from our sponsor
Nerd Trivia

Make sure to update your links and if you're an iTunes user, the graphic and show name will change shortly, so search for "brainwavez" instead of brain and wendel.  I apologize to anyone that subscribed to the podcast, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy the new show!

All The Best,

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