Friday, July 24, 2015

And Now a Fireside Chat With Bill Roth on Data Encryption

Hi Friends,

Recently Nimble Storage came out with it's Nimble OS 2.3 which has a TON of new features!  If you'd like to hear about the new features in a recent BrainWavez show follow the link here:
BrainWavez #29: The NEW Nimble Storage OS 2.3!

One of the new features in Nimble OS 2.3 is Data Encryption at Rest, also known as SmartSecure.  Bill Roth has written a fantastic paper about this new feature which is available here:

For those that don't know Bill, he is a brilliant Technical Marketing Engineer that focuses on backup, archiving, Exchange, SQL and now encryption.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Bill to ask him a bit about the new SmartSecure feature.


Neil says, “Bill, do you view this feature, SmartSecure, as raising the bar?

Bill says, “No, it doesn’t raise the bar, I see it as setting the bar.” “One thing I like about it is that it doesn’t attempt to boil the ocean.”

Neil says, “In what respect?”

Bill says, “Well you can selectively decide to have a mix of encrypted and non-encrypted volumes.” “It’s not an all or none deployment, unless you want it to be.”

Neil says, “Do you consider this game changing technology?”

Bill says, “Not at all, users understand the importance of data security and this feature allows them to create a secure data at rest infrastructure.”

Neil says, “In what way does this feature redefine the landscape?”

Bill says, “I don’t think it’s about redefining, I think it’s about giving users the technology they require – plain and simple, easy to use, no tricks or gimmicks”

Neil says, “At the end of the day what does this feature bring to the table?”

Bill says, “Encryption of data at rest is more of a 24x7 entity, not something you only care about at the end of the day.” “But it may be easier to sit at the table during dinner knowing your data is secure.”

Neil says, “Well you don’t seem to be a big fan of industry buzzwords.” “Do you have anything else to say?”

Bill says, “Yes, users interested in learning more about the feature, and how to deploy it, can download the new white paper at:

Neil says, “Do you have any advice for users that lose their encryption passphrase?”

Bill says, “Yes, the advice is DON’T lose your passphrase!”

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