Monday, November 30, 2015

VMware Perspective - Go Away Zombie NIC!!!

Hi Friends,

I was doing some NIC manipulation on one of my virtual machines for some Horizon View testing I was doing.  After I finished changing the NIC on the golden image I did some work on the guest OS, powered it off and took a snapshot so I could point Horizon View to the new image.  After I started cloning the new desktops I realized I had forgot to change the NIC back so the desktops could talk to my private network.  Crud!

Not a big problem, I'll just edit the golden image in vCenter and switch the NIC back to have the NIC I want and take a new snapshot...  Hey!!  I deleted you!  Go away zombie NIC!!!

Hmmm, maybe it's because I did the change in the vCenter client and not in the vCenter webclient?

Hmmm, no looks good....  Hmmm, maybe check the vCenter client???

No, looks good....

Well, I'm outta ideas!  Time to check my buddy Google!

I found this discussion on the VMware Communities that said to check the snapshots because VMware would remember old configurations if the Snapshot was still there.  Ah Ha!  The snapshot I took!!

I deleted the snapshot that had the zombie NIC in it and.....

So long zombie NIC!!!

I hope this was helpful!  Thanks Google and VMware Communities!!

Until Next Time!

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