Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sharing is Caring – Even More Now!

Hi All,
A little while back I talked about a cool new product from Citrix called ShareFile.  I’ve been getting to play with the technology and a new feature they call the StorageZones Connectors for network shares.  I have to say, another super cool feature! What this allows me to do is get access to internal network shares alongside my ShareFile content, from the ShareFile for iPad/iPhone app

Use Cases you ask?  Say I’m an executive giving speeches and demonstrations around the globe, and storing my content in ShareFile for instant access from any device.  What if I need to pull some historic data off a file share inside our network? No problem, I can access the content from my ShareFile app on the iPad.
Here’s a screenshot from my phone.  I’ve logged into ShareFile, but I need to log into my StorageZone to access these files.

Once I log in, here are three files on my network share.  I can download them and view them now, from a mobile device! 

For more information please visit the Citrix website.
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