Monday, April 1, 2013

Citrix on NetApp Clustered ONTAP - Best Practices and More!

Ahoy Ahoy,

I have some very exciting news!

Rachel Zhu and I would like to present our latest Citrix paper! This was a huge endeavor of testing XenDesktop, XenApp, Profile Management, Backup and Recovery, Performance Analysis, and the kitchen sink all on Clustered ONTAP! HUGE thanks to Will Strickland who did all of our performance testing!!

Learn the best practices of Citrix VDI on NetApp Clustered ONTAP as well as how to backup and recover your user's data using NetApp tools.

The paper is available here!

We hope you enjoy it and that it helps answer questions you have regarding NetApp Clustered ONTAP in Citrix VDI environments!

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