Friday, April 26, 2013

VAAI for Dummies - AKA VAAI for Me! - Part V - Statistics!

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In previous articles I showed you how to tell if VAAI functions were on, but how do you know if they're working?  A good way is to take a look at statistics from ESXtop on ESXi and from the controllers.  Let's first have a look at ESXtop.

To get there, log into one of your ESXi machines that will be performing the VAAI offloads:

1.  Type esxtop
2.  Type u
3.  Next you can select what you want ESXtop to display, so type f and then b, f, g, i and o.  This will remove b,f,g and i and add o to the list of what's monitored.
4.  Hit enter to return back to the statistics.
Sorry for the size of the image, I know it's hard to see.  If you click on it you'll get the original size.

 So what do the statistics mean?

1.  CLONE_RD - Number of full copy reads
2.  CLONE_WR - Number of full copy writes
3.  CLONE_F - Number of failed full copies
4.  MBC_RD/s - Throughput of full copy reads in megabytes per second
5.  MBC_WR/s - Throughput of full copy writes in megabytes per second
6.  ATS - Number of successful locks
7.  ATSF - Number of failed locks
8.  ZERO - Number of successful block zero commands
9.  ZERO_F - Number of failed block zero commands
10.  MBZERO/s - Throughput of block zeros in megabytes per second
11.  DELETE - Number of successful unmap commands
12.  DELETE_F - Number of failed unmap commands
13.  MBDELS/s - How much data has been reclaimed

Now how about from the storage controller?  You'll need to go into diag mode, so please do be careful once you're in there.  In 7-Mode type priv set diag to enter diagnostics mode and then stats show vstorage

For Clustered Data ONTAP, enter diag mode by typing set diag and then statistics show -object vstorage  (Again, please be careful in diag mode)

The first number is the value and the second column is deltas.

So when you run your VAAI function, whether copying, provisioning storage, etc. have a window open to the CLI's so you can watch the counters.  If they start incrementing, you not only know VAAI is working, but how well it is.

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