Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DHCP Madness! - 0x800f0922 Error

Hi Friends,

I was configuring my DHCP server on Microsoft Windows 2012 and for some reason it stopped working.  When I tried to start it I would get a error that it couldn't be started.  So I thought I'd uninstall the role and reinstall, right?  The uninstall went fine, but when I tried to re-install I would get the following error:

Installation of one or more roles role services or features failed 0x800f0922

Hmm, having NO idea what this error meant I went to my friend Google and started searching.

I found a few instances of some others having this problem, and their solution was to disconnect the network because Windows seems to be trying to get something from the Internet.  I tried this, but still the same error.

I looked around more and found this discussion:

Unable to install DHCP server role on Windows 2012 Server Essential

It had similar answers, but I found one that said to go to C:\windows\system32\dhcp and delete the files within, but leave the directory.  I tried this and it worked!

So if you're having trouble with your DHCP server check out the link and maybe this solution will help!



  1. Worked for me!

    First install failed because of a pending restart and it can't seem to handle the left of files from the first install.

  2. I stumbled across this article which led me to the correct solution. HOWEVER, on 2012 Essentials the reason it's failing is because there's another DHCP server on the network, whether it's your firewall/router or another server serving addresses. Disable DHCP on all servers and firewalls/routers, then try the install again and it will succeed.

    1. Having another functioning DHCP server on the network was the issue for me. Stopping the DHCP service on the old server allowed the install to finish. THANKS TO EVERYONE that shares their solutions to help microsoft products work like they should out of the box :)

  3. Thanks! saved me! Additional, for those running load balance fail over, do as you instructed and bring up the blank dhcp. re-configure your options and then go to the other server and delete the replication partner by going to the ipv4 properties and failover tab. I first set the partner as down under edit and then I deleted it. Then I just re-replicated the scopes to get them back up.