Friday, September 13, 2013

Hard Drives Are Dead! Long Live Hard Drives! Wait... What??

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Happy Friday!  Today's title probably makes no sense, but keep reading and it will soon all come together.  If you've read my blog or heard me present you'll know I usually begin to rant about how SSD's are so popular right now that you'd think they were the cure to all disease!

This is my friend Mr. SSD.  I have nothing against him, I actually think he's REALLY cool.  He's one of those guys you knew in high school that was just really cool and no matter what he said or did people just thought it was the coolest thing.  Even though my friend here is fast and has no moving parts, I don't think he's going to replace our friend here Mr. Hard Disk so quickly.

Mr. Hard Disk was your buddy in high school that would loan you some cash if you were low, drive you around cause he already had a car and was just an all around reliable and good guy.  Hard drives are just like that friend.  They've been around for quite some time now, they're reliable, they're affordable and I don't think will be going anywhere for awhile.

Remember Mr. SSD might seem like the coolest thing since sliced bread, but he does have a dark side.  He's more expensive, he has a finite life span and the current generation of SSD's aren't the fastest when it comes to sequential writes, which Mr. Hard Disk does quite well!

Am I saying just use hard disks?  No, no, no!  They're both good friends to have because they have synergistic qualities when they're used together.  Combine the random write and cached read capability of SSD and the sequential write, plus cost of hard disks and you my friend are hanging with the cool crowd!  What I'm referring to is hybrid storage and Nimble Storage does it great!  You get the speed of SSD with the price of HDD.

And to those people that say, "Brain, you're crazy, hard disks are dead!"  I give you my good friend, Mr. Tape!

For YEARS people have been telling me that tape is dead, tape is dead!  Tape is still here my friends and tape will be here for years to come.  It fills a space in the backup market that it does well for a good price.  Personally I think tapes and hard disks will be around for many years.  Will they be used in conjunction with newer technologies?  Absolutely!

Remember, just cause it's old doesn't mean it should be discarded.

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