Thursday, November 14, 2013

Neil versus PVS - Part II - Receive This!

Hi Friends,

So I've been working on a big project and haven't had a ton of time to write, but wanted to share this with anyone who might be struggling with this.  I'm using XenDesktop 7 with PVS to create the desktops and logging into the desktops with Login VSI through a script, which communicates to the desktops through the Citrix Receiver.  Much more on the architecture later, and I have to say Login VSI is a VERY cool tool!

I begin my script run and no matter how many desktops I kick off, about 20% get this error message:

The network connection to your application was interrupted.  Try to access your application later, or contact your help desk.

The frustrating thing is it was different desktops at different times!  I did a bunch of searching around and found a number of people that have had this error and it was fixed by, things like DNS, AD, Firewall, Receiver version, etc.  So the only common thing about it is there's some sort of connection issue from the launcher to the receiver and than to the desktop.

My DNS, AD, Firewall stuff was all sorted out, so I decided to download the latest version of the Citrix Receiver and it seems to have cured the problem!!

So if you're getting this error, give it a try, it might be a quick fix to a VERY frustrating issue.

Until Next Time!

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