Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Setup MultiPath (MPIO) with Nimble Storage and Citrix XenServer

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Here's a follow up to my Citrix XenServer blog that showed you how to attach Nimble Storage to XenServer.  This article will show you how to set up MPIO with Nimble and XenServer.  It was written by a colleague of mine, so a HUGE thanks to Klaus Kupfer!!

 1.  Configure each Data Interface on the Nimble Array to a different subnet.

2. Configure Multipathing on the XEN Host
      a.       Put XEN Server in Maintenance Mode

 b.      Access XEN Server Properties


c.       Enable Multipathing
d.      Exit Maintenance Mode

3. Check that the XEN Server NIC’s are in the same subnets as the Nimble Data Interfaces

4.  Edit the /etc/multipath.conf File using console
device {
vendor                                    "Nimble"
product                                  "Server"
path_selector                         "round-robin 0"
path_grouping_policy           group_by_serial
rr_weight                                priorities
rr_min_io                                10
path_checker                         tur
failback                                   immediate
no_path_retry                        20

5.  Reboot the XEN Server

6. Create New SR 
     a.       Obtain initiator IQN
     b.      Configure Volume on Nimble on Nimble array with all desired settings and LUN initiator groups

c.       Choose New SR...


d.  Choose "Software iSCSI“ as Storage Type

e.       Configure a name for the SR

f.        Enter the iSCSI Discovery AddressThen click first  "Discover IQNs“ and then "Discover LUNs“ The configured Volume should appear in the list

 g.  Finished

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