Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Smoking Hot! - Nimble's New CS700 & All Flash Shelf

Hi Friends,

Not sure if you've heard yet, but Nimble has released a new line of storage controller, the CS700!  What's that mean?  More storage, more speed, and the size?  Still 3U and takes the same amount of power as the 400, but 2.5X the performance!  I love technology!

Check this out, I ran IOmeter against one of the 700's and I'm getting around 120 thousand IOPS.  Notice I'm getting about 120 before and after my cache was hot, just a bit smoother once the cache is warmed up.  Remember, your mileage will vary. :-)

Need more cache?  Nimble also released an all flash shelf, up to 12.8TB of additional flash if you need it.  Remember, this is not to store your data, only to speed things up!

Oh, and what happens when we cluster 4 700's together?  Half a million IOPS!  Again, your mileage will vary. :-)



  1. Neil,

    this is a random write workload, why do you talk about cache being warm or cold? What operation size you use btw?

  2. Hi chadm,

    Great question! The cool thing about the Nimble's cache is it's not just a read cache. When it gets random writes it puts those into cache before writing them to disk, hence warming up the cache. I was using 4K blocks for my test.


  3. Also, you show a 100% random workload yet you are also showing a graph showing read cache miss rate. Where are the reads?

  4. Thanks Neil,

    Again though, though the random writes are sent to the SSDs (for opportunistic reads) and the HDDs, the fact that they go to both places isn't speeding this particular workload up. I don't get it.

    Love yah man,

  5. Hi Neil,

    Can you inform your IOmeter workload / parameter settings in this testing, do you test with 4K 100% random ?, if I have CS200 series and then I want to upgrade to the CS700, is it possible to do it.

    Best Regards,