Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nimble + Adaptive Flash + You = Awesomeness!

Hi Friends,

Along with the release of the CS700 and the all flash shelf, Nimble has been using a new term, "Adaptive Flash".  You might be thinking, "Bah, it's just a stupid marketing term!"  If you think about it, it's actually a very clever concept.  So there's no confusion and you don't just think it's another silly marketing campaign, I'd like to present to you, Adaptive Flash.

The cool thing about Nimble is in the early days we were creating the support infrastructure to support for the future.  I've talked about it a number of times, InfoSight.  (I've even created an Ode to it, which you can read over in your spare time.)  Not only does InfoSight show you the health of your arrays, but it has invaluable predictive analysis graphs and charts.  If we head on over to InfoSight and click on the Performance tab you can see how one of my arrays has been performing.  Now remember, we're beating the snot out of these arrays for our testing.

Holy macaroni, 688% Peak Cache Usage!!  Notice the recommendation above the usage?  This is extremely usefully for both System Administrators and their managers.  When the application folks come screaming to you why their mission critical application is running so slow, you can present this graph to them and utilize this as ammunition to get the upgrade you need.  Nothing speaks louder then a graph with 688% usage and the yelling application owner helps too.

The other cool thing about Nimble is mixing HDD's with SSD's in the CASL architecture.  We're at a point in technology where these two technologies used synergistically can dramatically speed up your performance while not breaking the bank.

Add on the capability to order a Nimble in either a 200, 400, or 700, with varying size HDD's, SSD's, an all flash shelf, AND the ability to cluster up to four arrays together and stripe a volume on just one or across all four!  That's pretty adaptive technology, wouldn't you say?

Take the power of InfoSight and it's ability to spot and predict when resources, including flash, are running low and combine it with the super adaptiveness of the Nimble array running CASL to customize the amount of flash you need to make your application fly like a rocket ship, without the cost.  And with this I give you Adaptive Flash!


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