Monday, July 21, 2014

vCenter 5.5 Install - Did You Check To See If It's Plugged In?

Hi Friends,

Have you ever gotten an error that you just had no idea what to do about, you ask your boss or co-worker for help and they say, "Hey, did you make sure <fill in the blank> works?"  And you just want to smack your head because it's so simple that you can't believe you didn't check!

And then to make things worse THAT'S what fixes the problem?  Ugh!  Sometimes I wonder if my two remaining brain cells are firing on all cylinders...  So I dedicate this to blog to Mike, you saved me from myself!  :-)

So I'm installing vCenter 5.5 and I get this error message, Error.  Setup failed to create the vCenter Server repository.  Oh no!

So I check the vpxd.log file and I see a couple of login failed messages.  Hmmm, what's the deal?  For some reason Windows authentication wasn't working.  So I changed my ODBC System DSN to use SQL authentication and tried to log in with SA.  No good.  Hmmm, Firewall is off, authentication mode is SQL Server and Windows Authentication, SA is enabled.  What could it be?!

So I ask my boss and he says, "Did you try to login as SA with SQL Server Management Studio?"  Ummm, did I?  I thought I did....  I tried so many things, I've lost track....  I try it and blamo, doesn't login!

I get some weird message saying the connection worked but couldn't continue because, "No Process Is on the Other End of the Pipe"  What??  Is this what I think it is, Named Pipes?

So I go search Google and sure enough, an article on Microsoft says to see if Named Pipes is enabled.  Ugh!  Named Pipes!

Sure enough, I restart SQL Server and SA can now login.  I restarted the vCenter Server installation, chose SA instead of Windows Authentication and it worked!  Hurray!

So, what's this teach us?  Make sure the darn thing is plugged in!  Thanks again Mike!


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  1. Believe me, I've been there before! Is there a reason why you HAVE to run teh vCenter DB on SQL as opposed to the vCSA. Most of VMware's products are getting away from Windows based installs. If you are running View, the vCSA now works with a Windows only instance of Composer.