Friday, January 16, 2015

A General System Error Occurred. Alias Value Should Not Be Empty - vCenter Emergency!

Hi Friends,

Got a weird one today.  I had a virtual machine get stuck while it was trying to remove a snapshot and instead of waiting for it to finish I got impatient and rebooted the machine and then powered off the machine.  That made things interesting....  To make a long story short I rebooted the ESXi server and forgot it also had all of my infrastructure on it.  Whoops....

When I restarted everything I tried logging into vCenter and got an error I've never seen before, A General System Error Occurred.  Alias Value Should Not Be Empty.  Or something like that.  Had NO idea what that meant so I Googled the error and found a VMware KB and some community discussions around it.  One of the discussions said they had to rebuild their whole environment, another said something was messed up with active directory.  All of these colorful words started going through my head!

But wait, the last response someone said they had a similar error and a reboot fixed it.  NAH!!!  It can't be that easy!!

Sure enough after a reboot and all of the services started, vCenter let me log in!


So if you have a catastrophic environment reboot due to some unforeseeable force and this error message pops up, maybe a reboot might help.

Bye Bye Everybody!

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  1. thanks, this got me out of a panic state yesterday.
    "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" :)