Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Episode 34: Nimble Storage SmartSecure Data Encryption - It's Not Pizza, but It's Close

Hi Friends,

Got a great BrainWavez episode for you!  In episode 29 we talked about what was new in Nimble OS 2.3, including encryption.  In episode 34, Bill Roth explains how Nimble Storage SmartSecure data encryption works!  Bill describes in depth the use cases, best practices and things to watch out for.  If you enjoyed And Now a Fireside Chat With Bill Roth on Data Encryption, you'll really enjoy this episode!  Huge thanks to Bill for being our guest!!

For even more awesome information, don't forget to download Bill's technical white paper.
SmartSecure Software-Based Encryption

iTunes users: [iTunes]
MP3 Version: [mp3]

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