Friday, December 16, 2016

DABCC Radio - Tintri / Citrix Ready: VM-Aware Storage Podcast - Episode 266

Hi Friends,

I'm happy to announce myself and Lei Yang were on DABCC Radio with Doug Brown!  Lei and I had a great time talking to Doug about the goodness of Tintri, VM-Aware storage and how Tintri can help with your VDI and Citrix deployments!

What's DABCC Radio you ask?  From the DABCC site, "DABCC Radio is an interview based podcast show where the hottest virtualization and cloud vendors talk with Douglas Brown about their solutions. Detailing such topics as, what do they do, how it works, why we should care, how do they complete, and much more. Featuring technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, desktop virtualization (VDI), server virtualization, application virtualization, remote desktop services, application deployment, application management, performance monitoring, and server-based computing from vendors such as Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and many more! DABCC Radio is hosted by Douglas Brown, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP, VMware vEXPERT, and founder of"

Take a look at the DABCC site, there's tons of great material!

Here's the direct link where you can listen to the episode or you can get it from iTunes.

Thanks to Doug for having us on his radio show!!

This definitely calls for a Flash Jump!

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