Tuesday, June 11, 2013

vCenter 5.1 Single Sign On Help - VDI Man to the Rescue!

Hi Friends,

It's been a fun couple of days.  I've been trying to get vCenter 5.1 with the Single Sign On to install with MS SQL.  I have to say, it's certainly a bit more challenging!  I'd like to share some of the gotchas with you so if you're stuck or to avoid the problems completely.

First of all before you start the install there are five MS SQL scripts located on the install media located under:

Single Sign On > DBScripts > SSOServer > schema > mssql

Let's focus on two of the five:


The first creates the new database and the second creates the users.  You'll need to change some of the path information, passwords, etc.  So open them up in MS SQL and make the changes before you run them.

After the scripts ran I thought, "I'm good to go!"  I started the install, chose Use an existing supported database and filled in the information.  The users and database are created by the scripts you ran earlier.

Unfortunately I kept getting this error:

I checked the error log and kept getting a failed to establish connection error!

So I checked MS SQL for user rights, database rights, active directory, etc., etc. etc.  and nothing worked!

I checked Google and guess what I found.

VMware vCenter Error: Database connection has failed. by Yeonki Choi.

He got the same error and said the port needed to be set in the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

To get there go to Start/All Programs/Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/Configuration Tools

It's located under SQL Server Network Configuration and under Protocols for <YourDBServer>
Check the properties on TCP/IP.

Sure enough, no port was set!  So I set it to 1433 which was in the install window.

And it worked!  I was able to get past this portion of the install!  Thank you Yeonki, you're my hero!!

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