Thursday, May 29, 2014

What?! Not Authenticated?! I'll Show You Not Authenticated!!

Hi Friends,

I got a weird ViewPlanner error the other day and wanted to share it with you in case you run into it.  I was happily running ViewPlanner tests and I needed to provision some Windows XP images for my PCoIP testing.  For those not familiar with ViewPlanner, you can create desktops through ViewPlanner, pretty cool eh?  Well I think it's cool...

Anywho...  Normally you enter what names they should use, their parent, the number to create, and you get to a point where you point to where the desktops will live.  It looks like ViewPlanner takes authenticity information you entered on the Config tab and uses this to log into your vCenter.  Well, when I tried to select a home for these new desktops I just got the hourglass thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking.  Hmmm, too much thinking is not good!  So I opened up the viewplanner.log and noticed the following error:

Hmmm, lots of code stuff, but what got my attention was, 'The session is not authenticated."  Huh?  Yes it is!!  No it's not, it says it right here!

Arguing with yourself in your cube isn't the best thing to do, people start to talk...

I re-entered the passwords on the config tab, nope, still the same error!  Okay, time for something drastic, reboot!  I rebooted the ViewPlanner appliance and sure enough when it came back everything worked like a charm.  When I went to the host configuration, ViewPlanner was able to successfully connect to my vCenter.

Well, as you can see, sometimes a reboot just does the trick!  :-)


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