Friday, July 19, 2013

An Ode to InfoSight

Hi Friends,

For Friday I have a special treat for you.

I give you An Ode to InfoSight.

<harp playing>

InfoSight oh InfoSight an informational site you are,
just a click away, not very far.

With information and tabs a'plenty,
all that information, how do you keep track of so many?!

The Assets tab tells me where my arrays live,
plus support agreement shows me what support Nimble will give.

Wellness; we all know about that,
it shows us what condition our arrays are at!

Capacity shows us our space history and forcast,
with such great information, we'll know how long our space will last!

Volumes, so much information about compression, space used it's mind blowing,
it will help you keep track of data that just keeps growing.

Performance you show us recommended cache and CPU size,
with charts like these, how could there be lies?!

Data Protection the area many companies are caught in a nap,
with information on coverage and planning you make something difficult, a snap!

And dashboard, I didn't forget about you!
When the boss comes knocking for information, you might even get that pay raise, long overdo!

</harp playing>

I hope you enjoyed my Ode to InfoSight,

Have a great weekend!

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