Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't Fear The Recompose!

Hi Friends,

I needed to update my golden image in VMware Horizon View 6, so that means a Recompose.  For those not familiar with the term, Linked Clones have a very clever method to keep the size of your desktop to a minimum.  Only the changes are recorded to a delta disk which can grow over time.  To optimize their size, you run a Refresh.  Now say you update your golden image, like I just did, you then run a Recompose which creates new master clones and updates all of the Linked Clones.

I wanted to see how my Nimble CS400 series would handle the Recompose of 400 desktops, since the process is doing quite a bit of work.

The graphs are very encouraging, especially the latency and cache hit ratio.  The latency is low and the cache hit is almost 100%!  What does that mean?  Desktops getting recomposed super fast my friends!

While watching the Nimble GUI I was also watching the vCenter GUI and the Recent Tasks were just flying by.  So I decided to record about 50 seconds of tasks and you can see the processes just completing almost as fast as they are started.  The timing on the video was NOT modified, this is real time.

The Nimble is just plowing through the Recompose and not even sweating.  :-)

(Image borrowed from Google)

Kind of like how this Ford Raptor is plowing through and flying over the landscape!

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