Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Login VSI - Run VDI and RDS Concurrently

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I can't remember anything so I tend to write things down so I can refer back to my memories.  My blog has become my brain as well as a conduit where I can help others!  :-)

I'm doing some interesting VDI testing that I thought I'd share with you.  I'm working with VMware Horizon View 6 and Login VSI 4.1.  I'm working with RDS in View along with Linked Clones.  Pretty cool eh?

The challenge is running a Login VSI workload with both RDS and VDI Linked Clones at the same time so I can get a mixed workload.  I didn't realize Login VSI could do this, but it's a pretty powerful tool and it can be accomplished using the CSV option when setting up your test.  So how do you do set this up?  Well, I'll show you what I did.

You'll need to create a CSV file which will contain the data that would normally be taken from the connection settings in Login VSI.  So open up your favorite spreadsheet tool and let's start creating data.  The first line is titles of what the data you're substituting.  Here I'm substituting Username and DesktopPool.  Your mileage will vary so take a look at the link I included in the previous paragraph.  Here I'm specifying user's called LoginVSI1 - Whatever # and my DesktopPool.  What you don't see is further down the desktop pool changes to RDS for my RDS pool in View and which users are assigned to it.

Save the file in CSV format.  I like to take a look at it with Notepad to make sure everything looks okay.

Good so far!

Next let's update the connection section in Login VSI.  Here you can see I've changed Username and DesktopPool to a variable so they'll be replaced with what I have in my CSV file.  Check the "use CSV file" box and put the path where it's located.  Put it someplace where your launchers, desktops and RDS's can access it.  Here I'm putting it into my Login VSI share.

You're now ready to start your test on both your VDI and RDS pools!  There's lots of other cool features available in Login VSI and I've barely scratched the surface!!

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