Wednesday, March 18, 2015

vCenter Install - No System DSN Available

Hi Friends,

I'm writing this article because I'd like to share something I found out while installing vCenter 6, but more so because I know I'll forget what I did and when I go to install the next version I'll have this blog!  You see, my blog has become my long term memory.  Sure I can remember most of the jokes from Airplane or recite lines from Simpson's episodes, but I can't remember anything when it comes to my job.  :-)  So it's a win-win!  You get to learn from my experiences and I'll be able to remember this technology stuff for years to come!

Anywho, so what the heck does any of this have to do with System DSN?  Absolutely nothing!

So I was installing vCenter 6 and I get to the part where it asks for a connection to a database.  Oh crud, I forgot to setup an ODBC connection!

So I open up ODBC on my server, set up a System DSN and viola!  No System DSN Available on This System.  What?!  What are you talking about, it's right THERE!  There I tell you!!  I'll show you!!

So I created a 32 bit ODBC connection, maybe that'll fix it.  Nope.

Okay, okay, Google will help, Google always helps!

I found an article that mentioned the SQL Server Native Client.  Hey, this sounds vaguely familiar....  So I logged into my vCenter 5.5 machine and guess what was sitting on the desktop?  sqlncli.msi

So guess what probably happened the last time I installed vCenter?  :-)

Hence why I'm writing it down this time!

I installed the SQL Server Native Client, selected SQL Server Native Client and created a new System DSN.

Went back to my vCenter install and TA-DA!!

So if you're installing vCenter and run into this error, give it a try it might be what the doctor ordered.

Until Next Time!

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