Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why Won't These XenDesktop Desktops Register?!

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Got another weird one for you.  It might be cause I'm a dork and missed something, and usually that's the case, but, and it's a big but, if you happen to run into this, maybe this will work!

I'm setting up XenDesktop 7.6, and for reasons that really don't make any sense, I decided to change the name of my DDC after XenDesktop was installed AND after the agent was installed on my golden Windows 7 image.  Easy fix I thought, just open up the golden image, change the DDC name and blam-o, I'm done!

Wait a second...  Where do you change the name of the DDC on the golden image???

Hmmm, I'm probably just missing it, but heck, I'll just run the install media and tell it the new name of my DDC!  So I run the install, change the name of my DDC, create a new snapshot, point the new clones to the new snapshot and presto!  WHAT?!  Still can't connect to DDC?!  Still unregistered?!

Okay, what's the deal XenDesktop?  I look up the error and get a bunch of suggestions about ports, firewalls, active directory, yada yada yada...  Everything looks good, but still no love from XenDesktop.  Hmmmm.....

So I came across this page by Ralph Jansen.  Citrix XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) 7 stays Unregistered.  He noticed that DNS aliases weren't allowed anymore so he went into the registry and changed the DDC name.  Maybe something similar?  I opened up the registry setting which is at:


The DDC name was still set to the original server name from when I did the install.  Hey, I changed you!  So I edited the registry key with the new DDC name, shutdown the golden image, took a new snapshot, ran Update Machines and my desktops began registering!!

Big thanks to Ralph Jansen for his article!

Until Next Time!

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