Monday, March 23, 2015

XYZ Requires Adobe Flash ABC or Higher - Flash Player is Intergrated with IE - HUH?!?!

Hi Folks,

This is one that's frustrated me many times, I figure it out and than forget about it.  As I said in an earlier post, I can't remember job stuff, so instead of having to Google it again the next time I install a web application, I'll just look at my own site!  :-)

I've recently started seeing this issue with newer versions of Windows.  You install a web application and when you try to launch it you get this message:

XYZ Requires Adobe Flash ABC or Higher.  Click below to download.

That's nothing new, I've been seeing this message for years, but what is new is what happens when you go to download Adobe Flash Player.

Hmmm, okay, so it's already installed.  Then why doesn't it work?  Ah!  I have to enable it!

So if I click on the little cog dealie, I should see Shockwave Flash Object and should be able to enable it!  So, I click on the cog on my web browser and PRESTO!!!

Ummm, nothing is there...

Okay, okay, don't panic...  My buddy Google will know, Google knows all!

Sure enough, Google knows!!  Apparently there is a Microsoft Feature called Desktop Experience that needs to be installed to get Adobe Flash installed.

Let's head over to Roles and Features and take a look.

Under User Interfaces and Infrastructure there's a Role called Desktop Experience.  Select it and away you go!  Your mileage may vary, so try this out on a test machine before adding this feature in production.

On my Windows 2012R2 machine I had to reboot the server when the install was done, so before you install, make sure you have the ability to reboot.

And with that, Adobe Flash should now work!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Incredibly helpful, thanks Brain! I never knew desktop experience existed!