Friday, July 26, 2013

The Night Before VMworld

Hi All,

Another Friday, another treat!  With VMworld right around the corner, I thought I'd write a poem for all the hard working folks that make these shows great!


Twas the night before VMworld and all through Nimble Storage,
Not a TME was freaking, only positive words to encourage.
The hardware was stacked in a rack with care,
In the hopes to impress attendees that showed up there.

Attendees had read all the blogs, Twitter feeds and all sorts of threads,
Now visions of free swag occupied their heads.
The hotels all booked accept the ones that are crap,
where the heck am I?  I better get a map!

Brochures neatly stacked to avoid any clutter,
Hopefully they take all this stuff, thinking of carrying it again makes me shutter.
Demos and presentations all skillfully recorded,
What do you mean the resolution of the demo isn't supported?

The booth looks great, it's got people talking,
People stop to take a look before they start walking.
Thank goodness for comfortable shoes this is going to be painful.
So I'm wearing black tennis shoes, how shameful!

The doors are open, the rush begins,
Feet don't fail me now, hold out limbs!
Where's the schedule, where am I supposed to be?
My back is sore, my feet hurt, please set me free!

My throat is sore, my voice raspy.
Shirt is un-tucked my hair's a mess, I look ghastly!
It's been hours since this things started, I'm beat.
Can you believe it, even I forgot to eat!

It's the last day and I try to stay composed.
Hearing those magical words, "The Show Floor is now closed!"
Another year, another great show!
Congratulations to all, may your profits grow!

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