Monday, July 1, 2013

Cisco UCS 101 - Part II - UUID Suffix Pools

Hi Friends,

Here's an interesting one I ran into and couldn't find much out on the web about, so I hope it helps you out!  Last time I talked to you about creating policies and associating them physical hardware.  Well, I was doing that one time and my policy wouldn't associate!  It kept trying and trying, but no luck.  In the logs I saw an error that said something like this:  "There are not enough resources overall
UUID address assignment failed, possibly illegal UUID or no available UUID in the pool"


So I talked to my boss and he told me that when you create a policy it is assigned a UUID Suffix, basically a unique identifier, and those suffixes can run out. (Thanks Mike!)

Today I'm going to show you where these suffixes are, see how many are used, and how to add more.

Let's go to our UCS Manager and click on the Servers tab.  Once there find the Pools tree.  From there you'll see a default "Pool default" or you might have other trees if they've been created.  I'm going to work on the default pool.

Right click on the Pool default and select Show Navigator.  You should see something like this:

As you can see I have a total of 32 UUID suffixes and I have 31 assigned.  That means I can assign one more policy to a blade, but after that I'm going to start getting error messages.  Let's add some more UUID suffixes so we won't get any errors.

While you have that Show Navigator screen open, click on the UUID Blocks tab.  You can see I currently have two ranges.  I'm going to add another.  Click on the "+" sign.

I'm going to create 16 more UUID suffixes, but follow whatever plan your company has decided on.

I now have another block of 16 UUID suffixes I can create and assign to blades.  Let's check out the General tab again to make sure everything looks good.

As you can see the size has now gone from 32 to 48, so I should be good for awhile.

Pretty cool huh?  Have a good week!

Until Next Time!

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