Friday, July 26, 2013

SNAFU 2 - XenDesktop on Hyper-V - SCVMM and XenDesktop Torment


Okay, so I finished installing the SCVMM Console, reboot like it tells me to so everything should be good now right?  RIGHT?!


Well, the good thing is I got past that window from yesterday, but then I get to a new window.

Okay, no problem, everything here makes sense right?  Click Next and...

WHAT?!  The SCVMM address was not formatted correctly?  What the heck does that mean?

The address is just fine, it resolves just fine, it's the fully qualified domain name, it pings.  So I try a few things.  I use the IP, no good, I use the short name, no good, check firewall settings, they're fine.  I search Google and nothing!

So what the heck do you want from me XenDesktop?!

For giggles I try putting my domain in front of my administrator account.  And....

It worked!  Wait...  Why the heck did it work when the error message mentioned a badly formatted address for SCVMM?

Hey, who am I to question positive results?!


Off to install PVS!

Until Next Time


  1. Hello, just out of interest, which version of VMM/
    XD are being used here?

  2. Hi Arun,

    Thanks for the comment. I'm using XenDesktop 7.


  3. Glad I found this. I've been trying a few different variations for the SCVMM address, but kept ending up with different variations on the 'not formatted correctly' error. Hit Google, found your post, thought maybe the account I was using didn't have the right permissions. Tried a different account, connected no problem.

    What happened Citrix? Remember when you used to value quality?

  4. Still a problem in XD 7.5